Kelsick Educational Foundation

Grants are given to young individuals and to schools and groups within the area of Lakes Parish, including Ambleside, Grasmere, Langdale and Troutbeck north of Trout Beck. This may include financial help to fund additional teaching support, extra assistance for individual pupils with special needs, and money for the purchase of equipment for use in the three local primary schools. The Foundation also provides 1st year higher education computer grants and subsistence payments for all eligible students attending universities and colleges of further education, and financial help for apprentices and others undertaking vocational courses and training at Colleges of Further Education. Young people may also be eligible for grant aid to help them reach their potential or achieve excellence in a wide range of out of school activities, from music and performing arts to sports. The Kelsick Foundation also helps fund team sports and local youth groups. Any activity which the Trustees consider to be of educational benefit can be supported financially.
Young people under the age of 25 years who fulfil the residency requirements may apply for a grant. The residency requirements are that an applicant should normally have been fully resident in the area for a minimum of four years. Individual grants are made at the discretion of the Trustees.

  • Extra help at school for pupils with special needs
  • Music lessons
  • Hire of musical instruments
  • Travel costs for certain educational trips
  • Tools, equipment and extra training for apprentices or working trainees
  • Subsistence grant for college students
  • First year student purchase of a computer
  • Books for A level, college and university courses
  • Can I obtain a loan from the Foundation? No, we may only give grants.
  • Does Kelsick provide cheap housing for locals? No. All our properties must be let at market rentals.
  • As an apprentice, can I get help to buy tools? Yes.
  • Will Kelsick pay my college residence and/or tuition fees? No, but we do give substantial grants, part of which recognise the difference between residential and non-residential courses in higher education.
  • Are grants only available to buy books or equipment? No, although these are the most commonly granted requests. We will also give a computer grant to first-year higher education students. Grants are also available for educational visits which are part of a course curriculum. We support the arts, by grant aid for music lessons, drama and art.
  • When should I apply for a grant? Go to How to apply page.
Total value of Grants since 1988
To individuals£6610£17688£27252£46704£90747£123021£114891£157375£128479
To Schools£5482£2041£16862£18194£24220£43106£33595£45605£51974
To individuals£98806£163479£142392£157834£122957£117485£104928
To Schools£54933£50784£60593£68278£103929£140246£146389