Applying for a grant

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GRANTS are available to individual students under 25 who have been resident in Lakes Parish normally for four years, or at the discretion of trustees. They must be living in Ambleside, Rydal, Grasmere, Langdale or in Troutbeck as far as the Trout Beck.

A Kelsick grant is a contribution in the form of a cheque currently covering 40% of the overall cost of an educational activity such as swimming lessons or piano tuition. A Kelsick grant does not require repayment.

What costs can the Kelsick help towards?

Families are finding it more necessary than ever to call on the Kelsick’s help for a number of reasons. These include the closure of special schools and specialist units over the past decade, plus the inclusion of children with special needs in mainstream school, which puts extra strain on teaching provision, added to which is the difficulty of establishing a child is entitled to extra help due to special educational needs or disability (SEND). The cost of a university education has also increased with higher charges for accommodation and tuition fees and hefty student loan debts. Kelsick grants can assist in many different ways, but must abide by the terms set out in the charity.

Extra curricular tuition 

The Kelsick can help towards the cost of out-of-school tuition in sports, swimming, music, dance, hire of musical instruments and coaching. The grant is normally a certain fixed percentage of the total cost of extra lessons, such as music or swimming. This percentage may vary according to the Kelsick’s available assets.


The Kelsick also contributes to the cost of educational travel such as school visits, residential trips, work placements or overseas work experience, placements or electives. 

16 to 18 Year Olds

Grants fixed currently at £125 each year are also given to all 16-18s towards travel to sixth form or further education college, training  placements or apprenticeships. 

Annual Subsistence

All resident university students can apply for an annual subsistence grant currently set at £1000 a year for undergraduates and postgraduates up to their 25th birthday.

Course Books 

The full cost of any books required for specific courses can be met. A receipt required.

Exceptional Circumstances

Occasionally there may be financial help needed for a child or young person in circumstances which are not listed in the standard Kelsick criteria. Applicants are welcome to come and talk to the Clerk about specific help needed before applying.

Apprentices & Vocational Training

The Kelsick will help up to a maximum cost of £500 with tools and any special work-related equipment or clothing required during apprenticeships, vocational training courses or for working trainees.

Children & Young People with special needs

Individual grants are given to support the education of children with special needs when provision available is unable to meet them fully. This is usually on the advice of teaching staff or in response to a specific request from a school or parent. Help can be given towards specialist equipment, software etc.

Grants may also be  given to support young people and students with continuing special needs which are not being fully met in training, college or university.

Backing Excellence

Individual grants are also made to help students with outstanding or exceptional skills in any sport, art, performing arts, music or academic subject to help them fulfil their potential.

Sports, Music and Performing Arts

Individual grants can support all outdoor and indoor sports activities including coaching and equipment costs, covering activities such as horse-riding, football, rock climbing, athletics, rugby, tennis, golf, sailing and swimming. Kelsick also supports dance and singing, theatre and acting workshops and performances.  

Sports and local Youth Groups

The Kelsick also helps fund junior team sports and local youth groups. Any activity which the trustees consider to be of educational benefit can be supported financially. These have included play and toddler groups, youth clubs and Guides, Brownies and Rainbows as well as junior football, cricket, ju-jitsu and other sports clubs.

If you are unsure of whether the Kelsick can help with funding an exceptional need, don’t hesitate to ask. 

Kelsick is unable to help pay off student loans.

Kelsick grants can assist in many different ways, but are always bound by the terms of the charity. Individuals can apply as many times as necessary in any year. Grant applications are considered quarterly in February, May, August and November and grant applications must be submitted before the 24th of the preceding month .